The Power of Persistence

How does one become a more confident and safer rider? There’s a little thing called persistence. This means riding frequent and often while practicing the correct drills. Never did anyone get better at something while practicing every other month. Most people that you are envious of seeing ride go often and frequently. If you were to ask them how often they ride, I bet they would say 1-2 times per week at minimum. Being a persistent rider is not the only beneficial action, this applies with anything and everything in your life whether you’re in sales, trying to learn a new skill, or edging for that promotion.

You may ask, how we are different from just watching videos on YouTube on how to MTB. Well, glad you asked. We set ourselves apart by focusing on the best teachers (each coach has to be a champion in their sport). Next, our videos are well thought out and professional, geared to teach you the correct way and give you the drills you need to get better. Lastly, we include PDF lessons of tips and tricks as well as actionable curriculum to follow. Soon, we will also open office hours for our students to talk face to face with our teachers to discuss what you’re particularly struggling with and how to overcome these obstacles.